Monday, 18 October 2010

Dr Sketchy drawings

These are all drawings from Dr Sketcy Nottingham sessions. The first one is probably my favourite 10 mins of drawing ever. A girl in a jar. I am doing a version in oils right now. Woo hoo! Most of these are 5-10 mins a couple may be up to 15. Dr Sketchy is ACE!

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Paintings and stuff

Hi everyone. This dump is a fairly mixed bag. The 3 broadly treated portraits are from the sessions at the West Hallam Portrait Group. The monochrome one was my first (rather bad) attempt at doing a Grisaille study. It was very interesting to do, so much quicker than painting in colour and really lets you focus on tone and edges. I will be doing more of these soon.

This one I revisited after the initial day of painting as I was not happy with the overall contrast. It got a bit fiddly in the end. Use the biggest brush you can for the job at hand!

This one is of my wife and was a much longer painting.
I did this as a birthday gift for my fine old friend Mr Chapman. He is such an excellent fellow and also is Batman!
Charcoal portrait. Begining of a long learning curve but i enjoyed it and learnt a great deal doing it!

Monday, 11 October 2010


HOOBA finally arrived. He far surpassed my expectations and the build quality is perfect.
I think they have a few left over at Patch Together if anyone wants to grab one!!
I took a few photos so you can check him out. Massive thanks to the guys at PT for making this a reality for me. YAY!!