Saturday, 15 September 2012

Missy Malone Portrait

Hi everyone,

I have just varnished and photographed my latest finished painting.  I upped the size I work at considerably for this piece and it is 50x70cm.  I am proud of this one, it feels like a step forward for my oil painting.
This is another from a series I am working on from a shoot I did with Miss Rain Photography and Missy Malone last year. There is a bit of reflected light catching the canvas grain: I am not set up for photographing large paintings, sorry!

 close up on face

I also finished off this little piece last week.  It was done from one life session and then finished from a photo.  The fabulous moustache has long since been shaved off Dan's face :(  If you are not familiar with Dan's work then check his blog out.  Brilliant stuff: ARTSHAME

Tuesday, 11 September 2012


A little one off piece for the portfolio frontiersmen project:  MOMA BOT by Mutsy.  For babies in space :)