Sunday, 16 October 2011

mark making experiments

I am playing with some new techniques. These are all drawn using a hatching technique where I attempt to follow the surface forms. Next up I am going to try a more contemporary illustrative thin line technique...
The two lady heads are both Missy Malone and the chap is Joey a local life model. Apologies for poor photos of these drawing the light was failing and so they are a bit grainy..

Dr Sketchy Nottingham October 2011

I haven't shared any of the fast drawings from the Dr Sketchy Nottingham sessions for a while. We had a blast yesterday and people did some great work. Here are my favourites from the session:
The first two were 10 minute drawings and the 3rd/4th were 5 mins. I was very pleased with the last one.

Monday, 10 October 2011

2 new paintings

Two new ones. One was a birthday present for a friend, its a double portrait of his two marvellous little lads (one of which as been dressed as Superman for a full year now!!-he only responds to the name Superman man now and even dresses as Clark Kent over the top of his Superman suit, brilliant!!)
The second piece is of Aisling Grace Flaherty its been floating around my studio half finished for months but I finally grabbed another session on it and got it finished. I am pleased with the handling on this one. My first piece in the Burlesque series was of Aisling so its nice to get back to her once more. The photo ref is another one of Emmas: Miss Rain Photography.