Sunday, 23 August 2009

stuff & Dr Sketchy Burlesque Life Drawing Event

I took some photos of some traditional media bits and bobs i have been doing lately. My lovely wife and I are nearly done renovating our studio now and I am looking forward to getting the paints out again soon!

Yesterday me and a few of my fine fellows went to the first Dr Sketchy event in nottingham. It was ace and i have taken a few photos of some of the drawing i made. They are all 5 - 10 mins. Dr Sketchy is an awesome combination of life drawing drinking and burlesque acts. I cannot recomend it enough. We all had an absolute blast and did some good fast high pressure drawing!


Neil Roberts said...

Great stuff - Jake! Love the Dr. Sketchy pics - that pressure really paid off - those images look like they were fun to draw.

Aaron Robinson said...

Cool pics! Some fab rapid sketching and all! Couldn't make it over in the event. Next time maybe.

Charlotte Thomson Art & Illustration said...

Amazing work Jake! hope you dont mind us linking to your blog on the Dr Sketchy website and facebook!

Ben Newman said...

nice work jake.
Hope they start that event in oxford as well, sounds fun.