Sunday, 4 July 2010

Alla Prima portraits

Hi all.
I have started attending the West Hallam Portrait Group. It has been great fun. Each session I have started a new painting and attempted to finish it in one sitting. If i run out of time during the session I spend an hour at home finishing off. They are about 3 hours painting each. The drawing has suffered a bit because of the very short window of painting time. I am also aware of a few hard edges dotted around that i really should have softened off but too late now! I will try and shift my emphasis to better (slower!) drawing at the next session.
I feel like I am improving with each one and they are an absolute blast to paint. I am also finding that they are having a positive filter down effect on my other work.
There are also a few 20-30 minute life drawings here too.

Cheers Jake


Aaron Robinson said...

Jake -

These portraits are killer! The one at the top in the hat is really good. Nice one!


Ben Newman said...

these are great Jake! looks like you've really got a solid control of your colours/palette in the paintings; I'm jealous :(
good stuff

Ryan Stevenson said...

Top portraits Jake, you can really see they're coming on leaps and bounds

Claudio Cerri said...

Awesome portrait!

Aidan said...

nice work jake - i especially like the charcoal drawing of the female back. lovely!

Nick Carver said...

Great work Jake! You're making tons of progress with your painting. I really like the top one - great palette and tones. Some really fluid brushwork in there too. Nice!

Neil Roberts said...

Fantastic - very nice. Look forward to more.

Jon McCoy said...

Pretty amazing for 3 hours a piece man. Look forward to more :)

jake gumbleton said...

Thanks guys!!!!!
I loved doing these.
The group has stopped now until the end of September now. Gutted as I was just getting into the swing of it.
I am going to start getting people to model in my studio now instead. Volunteers are most welcome!!!!

Hannah said...

Hey Jake, I really love the Alla Prima portraits, they are great. Inspiring stuff you talented monkey.