Thursday, 25 November 2010

The Minder

Finished this a few weeks ago but wanted to make sure i liked it before i posted it up:


Scott Altmann said...

ahh - i remember you sharing this this one!

Aidan said...

good stuff - really tight rendering on the shiny lady!

Ben Newman said...

ha, always a good idea to wait a bit, I should do that more often! Really nice pic, I like the diffusing red light off the back of the car. Maybe add some more blurry lights in the background to suggest a city/ road in the distance?

Mark Montague said...

Great composition and lighting. It's great seeing your progress from your early work to your later stuff.

jake gumbleton said...

Hi chaps.
Thanks for stopping by mate! It is one of the few images I am putting in our GA book!

Aidan: Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm shiny.

Ben: I might just do that, some of the background looks a bit too sloppy to me now. I still am not much cop at the suggestive rendering thing that so many digital painters seem to have down pat.

Mark: A new face! Thanks for stopping by. You are kind. I feel like i spread myself to thin but I am pleased with my progress over the last year or so. Mostly I am trying to implement a lot of the golden age stuff that Loomis talks so much about. Tonal arangement is a phrase i find myself saying way too often now!!