Friday, 25 March 2011

Tsunami Charity Digital Painting.

Hi everyone. I decided to get involved with the Tsunami CFSL Project:
This image is based on two seperate news stories. The first was one about a dog that stayed with its injured mate. The second was about the town of Kesnnuma, which was devastated and had its tuna fleet dumped on top if it. It was some deeply affecting, iconic imagery. Get involved with the project if you have time. There are some amazing pieces submitted already.

A lttle about process. I gathered my ref and then thumbnailed different compositional ideas:

This shot below was my 5th thumb but i did not save it off before i fleshed it out to a more resolved state. Here I am still working in monochrome, concentrating on balancing out my tonal composition and the values of the various areas against each other.
You need to click on this one to make it larger! I added colours and details and got critique from friends once i reached a stage that i thought was going in the right direction. I cannot over emphasise the importance of getting feedback on your work. There will always be something that can be tweaked or fix that you are just not seeing. This piece has consolidated that reference is very important for me when working on something effectively realistic: I did not have my usual chopping and changing, nor did i end up painting vaguely (without direction) as I so often do.

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Daniel Baker said...

Mate love this image so much, what a beauty the mood is perfect