Wednesday, 20 April 2011


Hi all.
I painted this last week for my finest of friends Hannah, for her birthday. She is a truly splendid individual and it was great to make her a gift that she really seemed to like.
The painting is of her son Ted on the beach in Barcelona with his lovely auntie Heidi.
This one is on linen canvas and took around 10 hours. I have also included a wider shot so you can get some idea of context. My paintings never look so good on the blog as they do in the flesh and a friend suggested I take photos that show something of the surroundings in them.


Anonymous said...

Good stuff Jake! I thought it was a pretty big painting until I saw the second pic lol! :)

JB said...

Good work Jake. You really do have quite a gift.

devin platts said...

I like the fact that when you take pics of your paintings and 'em up online you realize they're not all they seemed to be in real life. But I realized that really, they look the same in real life and online [more or less] it's just that you get tricked with real paint somehow :P

It's a really good way to make you push yourself harder and harder and be more conscientious in general with your painting :)

jake gumbleton said...

Devin: haha true true mate! Thanks for popping by. I guess it just allows much greater scrutiny of the actual drawing, colours and edges. Very 'warts and all'. I think you are right because once I have seen the drawing/colour errors that spring out on the blog I can then see them in real life.

I actually take a digital photo of my pieces mid progress sometimes just to look at it in the camera to spot problems. Its like getting fresh eyes on it using a mirror.

When you view paintings in real life you tend to do it at a certain viewing distance and when the same things aere put on a blog it changes that a gread deal.

I think one of the things that happens is that the scale of paintings is lost.

The red painting with Scarlett and Johnny on it is much bigger than everything else on here but it looks smallest because of the blog format.

Sean: cheers dude! It is about 12x20" I think.

JB: Thanks very much! It's not a gift though. Its just like any skill: get the right knowledge and then practice it to death. I have so far to go but I am having great fun learning I go.

George Bletsis said...

NIce, you captured the warmth and lighting of a sunny day really well!

Aidan said...

i have nothing much to say other than, good show! Carry on, what what...