Saturday, 11 June 2011

Tassles and Trees

It seems that my art practice is mostly about tassles and trees at the moment. I am really enjoying both avenues a lot so i guess you will be seeing more of both! I have a lot of different stuff in this dump. I have been sticking at my watercolours (still working hard despite finding them so hard. I feel I am making decent progress though. Whenever I make a really bad mistake it certainly teaches me a thing or two! Getting just the right amount of water on the
paper is a big issue and also trying to get my head around the water content of my colour mixes dictating the tonal value is a killer!

I was very pleased with this one: watercolour of Anna Fur Laxis from another of Emma's Dr sketchy photos. It was done very quick as is so often the case with th ones I end up liking. Anna just won a big prize in Las Vegas so well done her. Her routine at sketchies was the best I have yet seen, brilliant stuff!
Next up are my landscape watercolour efforts. slow progress but enjoying the medium a great deal.

I have been neglecting my master studies and will be sinking a week or two into them soon. This one is a Velasquez. He was quite simple the man!
Little watercolour of Franki Wilde.
You have all seen this one before but i got to varnish it and take a better photo. It looks much prettier this time around!
My first studio painting on my 'In a forest theme'. Loved doing this one!
That is all for now! Thanks for stopping by my dearest old chums!


Dan D. Evans said...

bloody hell Jake, stop being so prolific I can't keep up! Loving the moody forest one, and that older Frankii Wilde one looks tres fabulous all varnished up.

Nick Carver said...

Loving those watercolour studies Jake! I think you captured the sense of strong sunlight in the top one really well. When I click on them they don't enlarge though:(.

Tony Jackson said...

Lovely work Jake, you continue to be inspirational.

Ben Newman said...

holy crap Jake, you're a machine! Do you ever have time for anything other than painting?
Really like the second landscape one.
They don't enlarge for me either :(

jake gumbleton said...

Hi chaps,
I have tried to replace the attached images but it has not fixed the issue. I am finding blogger increasingly buggy these days...

Dan: cheers mate!

Nick: thanks mate. tbh most of my photos for these have very flat lighting. This one had much more exciting lighting. I think I need to start being more selective with my reference... Hopefully I will be doing these outdoors from life in the next couple of weeks.

Tony: awe shucks thanks mate!

Ben: Cheers mate. I have my usual hectic social life but i am just making the best use of what time i do get to paint. The watercolours are all done in my lunch times at work. I am not getting anywhere near as much painting time as i would like. Do i get to see some more paint from you soon. How are you finding traditional media stuff. It find it so satisfying compared to digital!