Saturday, 27 August 2011

A break from watercolours

I was painting in the studio today and decided to photograph some bits and bobs that i had lying around.

I have knocked my watercolours on the head. I keep dabbling across to many different areas and am ending up Jake of all trades, master of nowt! I loved doing them but realistically I have miles to go before I end up with anything decent...

I had a bit of an epiphany and decided that I really ought to try and limit my art activities to concept art and oil paintings as they are my two main joys. So here are my last couple of watercolour bits as well as a few plein air oils.

I am busy doing a film project with some mates and also have a a batch of concept art and some oils in progress but its all pretty long term stuff.
Chin chin my dears. What what!

Sudbury Hall
A seagull
A sunset. The horrid separation of the green fields and the orange sky kills me on this one but I was learning lots about application through Nita Engle's wonderful book.
Lots of Nita Engle texture technique on this but another failure overall
A splendid tree painted en plein air from the grounds at Sudbury Hall. I love a good tree.
Plein air oil from Sudbury. Ran out of time but learned a lot through doing this.
I did this one ages ago but only photographed it today.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent improvement Jake! Especially that bird! Good stuff!