Monday, 27 June 2011

Holiday Watercolours

My lovely wife and I spent last week in Dorset. I managed to do a fair bit of painting with my watercolours. The landscapes are about 50/50 plein air/ from photography.
These first three are separate to the holiday. Fist is a drawing of Millie Dollar, the other two are more gouache paintings of Lud's Church.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

feedback wanted

Hi all,
I am going to be selling soe prints of this series. Missy Malone will be taking them on the road with her to sell to her adoring fans. Initially we were going to just use the pencil lineart but I got a little feedback and made the toned versions below.
What do you all think? They will have a very low price point per print (less than £10) but I think the toned versions make it feel like more of a colecatble set...

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Tassles and Trees

It seems that my art practice is mostly about tassles and trees at the moment. I am really enjoying both avenues a lot so i guess you will be seeing more of both! I have a lot of different stuff in this dump. I have been sticking at my watercolours (still working hard despite finding them so hard. I feel I am making decent progress though. Whenever I make a really bad mistake it certainly teaches me a thing or two! Getting just the right amount of water on the
paper is a big issue and also trying to get my head around the water content of my colour mixes dictating the tonal value is a killer!

I was very pleased with this one: watercolour of Anna Fur Laxis from another of Emma's Dr sketchy photos. It was done very quick as is so often the case with th ones I end up liking. Anna just won a big prize in Las Vegas so well done her. Her routine at sketchies was the best I have yet seen, brilliant stuff!
Next up are my landscape watercolour efforts. slow progress but enjoying the medium a great deal.

I have been neglecting my master studies and will be sinking a week or two into them soon. This one is a Velasquez. He was quite simple the man!
Little watercolour of Franki Wilde.
You have all seen this one before but i got to varnish it and take a better photo. It looks much prettier this time around!
My first studio painting on my 'In a forest theme'. Loved doing this one!
That is all for now! Thanks for stopping by my dearest old chums!

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Missy Malone Oil Painting

I have finished a new painting. It owes a massive debt of thanks to Emma who took the great photo and to the incredible Missy Malone who is an absolute pleasure to draw and paint. Her eyebrows are simply incredible!