Wednesday, 25 July 2012

frontiersmen environment concept

A new environment concept for Frontiersmen.  Oil rigs in the jungle.


Simon Scott said...

beautiful sense of depth jake. Really love it!!

Stefan Hermann said...

Hey Jake,

nice color work. Are those cranes from mind, or did you use underlays?
Best, S

NePaul Wilson said...

Wonderful work here! I really love the composition as a whole, really builds the atmosphere of desolate, sci-fi wanderers.

jake gumbleton said...

Thanks guys,
Stefan yes mate there is some photography in there as well as invention.
Nepaul: Thanks very much :) I have been absolutely loving your blog recently!
I have had some good crits on this piece and will be revising it soon. Mostly just tightening stuff up as it started as a loose thumb and never really got a solid drawing pass.