Sunday, 12 August 2012

Dr Sketchy Nottingham August 2012

Hi all.

Yesterday I was graced with the presence of the most excellent Ben Newman. Ben was the guy who first took me under his wing when I started my art career a decade ago.  He is an excellent fellow and a great artist.  He also drinks a LOT of Vodka!

We went with many of the usual gang to Dr Sketchy Nottingham and had a blast!.  Scarlet and Charlotte run a brilliant event and it was great fun.

The models took most of my drawings yesterday but I got crappy photos on my phone of my best two:

This is a 10 minute of the wonderful Coco Malone.  Coco performed 3 songs for us and is supremely talented.  Magic! This drawing is compressed charcoal on newsprint.

The other piece is a whopping 20 minutes of Eliza Delight. Again this drawing is compressed charcoal on newsprint. All 3 of our performers/models were splendid yesterday!

I am just finishing up reading the Art Spirit by Thomas Henri and the book has really helped me with my work in the last few weeks: It is not to heavily involved in technique but it really helps you to clarify for yourself what you are trying to achieve in your images.  Jamie Jones had mentioned it on his blog.  If you do not know Jamie's work then check it: he is a master of digital painting.


COLDRUM The Art of Jeremy Love said...

Wow these are great, nice lines Jake

Badger said...

Lovely work Jake!

Ben Newman said...

suckup! :P

scott davidson said...

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