Wednesday, 12 June 2013

tiny thumbs

Here are some tiny thumbnails.  Just playing whilst chatting on the phone to a mate. No theme on these just enjoying myself:)

It has been a long old time since I updated.  Having a baby sure does keep you busy :)
I attended the London concept art workshop last week and was lucky enough to see Levi do a matte painting demo.  I loved his thumbs and he kindly segwayed into a demo of them for us.  He basically has his canvas postage stamp sized in the middle of Photoshop and does not zoom in.  His mastery of light is humbling but the process is great regardless for getting to the core of image making.  Going to do plenty of these!  You can see Levi's wonderful work here:


Jon McCoy said...

These are bloody ace mate! Theres a good couple there I'd love to see taken to finish.

Badger said...

Really nice Jake! Lovely palettes.

ashab said...

good work sir, I agree with the idea of keep working on things small till the last minute and then adding the final touches at the last second.