Tuesday, 8 October 2013

little studies

I have been going out to do plein air studies lately.  A few of these are from photos but 90% are painted from life outdoors.  Watercolour is as brutal as ever.  They are about 15-20 mins a piece and are tiny images (3x5 or smaller).  Trying to nail the broad statement and failing :)  These are such a great learning experience. I will keep going and see where they take me.

 This last one was painted just as it went dark.  I had to stop because i could no longer see my paper! The bright green is an artificially illuminated football field.

I have still been doing some digital ones too.  These are much less painful :)  Most are after other artists.

Thanks for looking!


Philip said...

Great studies! And the game looks neat too.

ashab said...

Looking great, they have a great feel to them and I feel they really work. Keep them coming.