Sunday, 8 May 2011

Bits and bobs

Hi everyone. Bit of a mixed bag this time. There are a couple of drawings that are part of some illustrative stuff I am doing. They are of Vendetta Vain from the last Dr Sketchy Nottingham.
We also have a 2 and a bit hour painting from life done at the Malt Cross Life drawing group and a 15 minute drawing in compressed charcoal from the week before. I recently bought a book of Sargent charcoal drawings and am going to do studies of them. Here is my first. I nearly gave up but was glad I persevered. I struggled with the tooth of the charcoal paper: getting back to the white of the paper was hard. I imagine I just need to practice... tips from any experienced charcoal-ers are welcomed!


Dan D. Evans said...

#2 is fab, very simple, very nice!

Tony Jackson said...

You're like a proper all growd up artist.

Love it by the way.

Erik said...

Very cool Jake. Which book did you get?

jake gumbleton said...

Cheers Tony & Dan!
Erik: hi there! Thanks for following my blog! The book I got was this one:
Crazy good value for money. Its thin and about A4 sized. Really great range of drawings.