Sunday, 22 May 2011

Working Hard

I have been really going at this week and have had a lot of fun playing. Here's what I have: Another one of the fabulour Missy Malone. She is more like a Gil elvgren girl than the real models he used. So much fun to draw! I am quite pleased with the style of this one... Massive thanks to Emma at Miss Rain Photography for the photo ref.
Millie Dollar from one of Miss Rain Phoography's awesome photos. Oil on canvas board 24x30cm
I am continuing to try and get a handle on gouache and watercolour. This one is larger than the last two. About 8" tall. I did quite a few before these that no one will ever see... its a tough medium!
This is my best life portrait so far. I managed to knock it out in an hour and a half. It just seemed to come together quickly. Hopefully I have turned a corner and it was not just a fluke. Find out next week :) A quick oil sketch from another of Emma's photos. This one is a bit of a departure from the ref. I have since discovered that the model is the wonderful Trixie D Licious.

Hope you likey! Off to read some more Loomis now.


Dan D. Evans said...

lordy jake you're on fire! loving the missy malone one!

Missy Malone said...


Ben Newman said...

Strong work Jake!

Miss Rain said...

The last one is Trixie D Licious :) Like I said, some are great just for posing reference!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jake! The last picture was of me Trixie D Licious like emma said :) Thankyou for painting me! Im a national burlesque model and international pin up model! You can google me or contact me at
Id love to post your painting :)