Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Illustration Experiements

Here is my first batch of illustration experiments for the burlesque drawing series (on sale in the near future). I have decided to try and at least cover my material costs as I go along with my art comings and goings and this will be my first venture in doing so. My wife is starting her own business so we are real skint for the time being! The missy ones are reffed from a photo that Emma did (MISS RAIN PHOTOGRAPHY). The Vendetta's are from I snapped at the last Dr Sketchy Nottingham. The drawing in the previous posts are the basis for these images. I have used all sorts with these. Pen, pencil, posca, watercolour, gouache & markers.

The 2 landscapes are from photos that I have taken. They are very small (6x3" approx). I am teaching myself watercolour gouache. Early days heh!


Tony Jackson said...

Great work Jake ... lovely stuff

Louise said...

Love them Jake. Especially love the Missy ones; the colours and tones in the close up version are delightful.

Daniel Baker said...

beautiful mate, love the millie dollar one, so mush energy...great stuff, your lanscape stuff is blowing my mind, we should go painting in the sun together!